Trump’s New NSA Responds To Trump’s Putin Call, Shows Exactly Why He’s Just As Dumb As Trump (VIDEO)

It appears as though President Donald Trump has made more changes within his administration. Just today, Trump said he would replace national security adviser H.R. McMaster with the former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, a foreign policy hawk entering a White House facing key decisions on Iran and North Korea.

According to the White House, Trump is seeking to put new foreign policy leaders in place ahead of a not-yet-scheduled meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. Bolton is likely to add a “hard-line influence to those talks,” as well as deliberations over whether to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Bolton, who is also identified as a “Russian hawk,” was interviewed about his new position on Fox News, and when host Martha Maccallum asked whether or not it was appropriate for Trump to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election victory, Bolton responded with:

 I don’t consider it a significant point one way or the other, really. I’ve said congratulations to a lot of people, foreign diplomats and officials. It’s a matter of being polite. The president had other subjects to bring up according to press reporting. I was not involved in any way in the preparations for it. The election just took place. I think it’s a matter of courtesy more than anything else.”

Watch the Fox News clip courtesy of Media Matters, below:

Bolton and Trump have a lot of similarities, which may be the most accurate assumption as to why Trump picked him as his new advisor. For one, they’re both draft dodgers who pretend to care about our military and serving but are really too afraid to step up to the plate. Secondly, they both seem to adore Russia. In fact, Bolton was featured in a Russian gun rights group video that encouraged the Russian government to loosen gun laws. And the most obvious thing the two have in common is their lack of intelligence, which Bolton displays in this interview with Fox News.

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