Trump’s Mental State Is Now Even More Questionable After He Just Revealed His Imaginary Friend

Donald Trump’s mental state has been very questionable. Especially involving his disturbing decisions regarding the country and his weird actions. From his health care bill and pulling out of the Paris climate deal, to his awkwardness at events around the world featuring world leaders. Trump is just not all there.

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Looks like we have found the reason behind Trump’s crazy though. His imaginary friend… Jim. This is NOT A JOKE. According to The Associated Press, Trump’s go-to guy is Jim.

 Jim is a friend who loves Paris and used to visit every year. Yet when Trump travels to the city Thursday for his first time as president, it’s unlikely that Jim will tag along. Jim doesn’t go to Paris anymore. Trump says that’s because the city has been infiltrated by foreign extremists.

Jim, who doesn’t have a last name has been mentioned a few times during delusional Donnie’s presidency. For example, as reported by The Huffington Post, He brought up Jim again while speaking at a conservative conference in February. Jim used to love visiting the City of Lights, Trump said, but stopped going because he felt like “Paris is no longer Paris.”  

Even The New Yorker got in on the search action, but couldn’t find out who Jim was either.  Lauren Collins, the magazine’s Paris correspondent, ran through some people named Jim who were affiliated with Trump and might be the friend in question.

Well, we have questions. Who is this Jim? Is he Russian? Does he tell Trump how to lead? What to tweet? He clearly needs to be admitted and we must not delay. Jim ain’t real and neither is the idea that Trump could actually run the country.

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