Trump’s Mental Capacity Is On Full Display; Gets Lost On Stage In Poland (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is always doing questionable things here in the states, however, this latest moment caught on video on his trip overseas is probably the most awkward thing you will ever see.

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This week Trump has made his way overseas for the G20 Summit meeting with leaders from all around the world. Before his stop for the summit in Germany, the President visited Poland where he spoke in front of a crowd of Polish people.

After he finished he remarks though, it got weird. Trump seemed to get lost on stage. Even his secret service men were confused on where to position themselves as the President walked across the stage seemingly knowing where he was going. He was to walk behind the bullet proof window and stay there. But he turned around and realized he was lost. It was so hard but hilarious to watch. An old man just trying to find his way back to the nursing home.

Twitter, of course, had a field day with the moment. Here are the merciless responses,

This moment comes after Trump’s mental state is questioned and if he is fit to lead the United States. Clearly, not only is he not all there.

Featured Image via Getty Image and Twitter

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