Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Trips Are Costing Taxpayers More Than We Could Have Imagined


When Trump goes to his “Winter White House” down in Florida, it costs taxpayers more than has previously been reported. We know about the Secret Service costs and we know that West Palm Beach residents are livid with seeing their tax dollars pay for the selfish prick’s visits. There’s another cost, though, that we haven’t really heard about: The cost of the Coast Guard’s air and sea defenses of Mar-a-Lago.

Those costs currently total $6.6 million. This is just for Mar-a-Lago, and that’s in addition to the millions in other costs for Trump’s vacations there.

It’s not unusual for the Coast Guard to help protect a sitting president. But when that president is taking his vacations at his own resorts, all the time, the cost gets out of control. Guarding Obama in South Florida cost taxpayers $568,000. Yet, one weekend at Mar-a-Lago for Trump costs nearly $1,000,000.

And this is the man who promised he’d cut government spending. He wants to cut the budget for the Coast Guard while they’re increasingly cash-strapped and spending millions just guarding him. But as long as the money’s being spent on him and not, well, anything else, nobody cares, right? Right, or so he probably thinks.

This is also a man who keeps insisting his border wall will help with the opioid epidemic, and who wants to crack down on drug shipments in general. The Coast Guard is responsible for stopping a lot of drug shipments, yet, because of their budgetary problems, they’ve actually had to let some drug shipments go.

They’re also behind on maintenance for their fleet, and actually need to replace a lot of their aging fleet.

But $6.6 million to protect Trump at Mar-a-Lago is just fine. His spokespeople insist he’s working and not on vacation, despite having lavish dinners and golfing while he’s there.

There isn’t a president in history that hasn’t taken vacations, and yes, taxpayers are on the hook for them. But this is beyond ridiculous. George W. Bush and Barack Obama both vacationed in places that were easy to secure, including their own homes, which cut down on taxpayer costs. Trump vacations at his resorts—all the time—and the cost is getting ridiculous.

Featured image via Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

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