Trump’s Latest Tweet Proves He JUST Realized How Bills Become Law

It was clear from yesterday’s victory celebration at the White House that Donald Trump clearly thought he had just eliminated the Affordable Care Act in favor of his health law. However, someone must have just made him aware of the fact that there’s a multi-step process to a bill becoming a law because his tune has changed slightly overnight.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted out:

And they did, and it was a big press conference with all folks who just voted to strip care from millions. They were remarkably proud of themselves for being so evil.

Trump then tweeted this occasion:

Then, overnight, he must have read “Legislating for Dummies” because when he woke up he tweeted out this:

“Big win in the House – very exciting! But when everything comes together with the inclusion of Phase 2, we will have truly great healthcare!”

“Phase 2” — you know, the Senate.

It appears, though not conclusive, that Trump thought yesterday’s vote was it. Now Obamacare is gone and Trumpcare will take over. It explains why he had such a victory lap in the White House Rose Garden. Because if he had realized before that the bill must now go to the Senate, who has subsequently rejected it in its current form, he’d probably have held back from his victory parade.

Maybe not. It is Trump after all. He probably has his staff applaud him for a good poop in the morning.

But Trump, in case you’re angry reading this, for future reference, here’s a handy dandy video tutorial on how a bill becomes law:

Featured Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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