Trump’s Latest Approval Ratings Have Arrived; Reveals Very Damning Results

President Trump attracted criticism in the wake of the natural disaster in Puerto Rico, his failed healthcare plan, and his unrealistic remarks regarding his new tax plan.

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Despite this criticism his average approval rating actually increased in the week following the rally, the first sustained improvement in public opinion since May.

A broad 64% of Americans say they approve of how Trump’s government reacted to the recent storms, including two in three independents (66%). Nine in 10 Republicans support his reaction (90%), and even Democrats are evenly divided on Trump’s response to the crises, with 44% both approving and disapproving,

The latest Gallup poll shows that Trump is actually improving on his approval among Americans. As you can imagine, many on Twitter were in shock:

On the contrary, 36% of Americans will not win a reelection. Trump and his supporters can go on about “his base” all thy want, but the truth of the matter is: That is still a deplorable percentage.



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