Trump’s Fourth Of July RUINED After Finding Out Americans Trust CNN More Than Him In New Poll


The fireworks won’t be the only explosions going off on July 4th. Donald Trump’s head is going to explode once he learns of this poll.

Despite all his attacks on CNN, it appears the American people trust the news organization more than they trust Trump.

Trump has attacked not only CNN but the media in general. All except Fox, of course. After all, Fox News kisses Trump’s ass on a daily basis and the channel serves as his state propaganda machine.

The American people, however, do not share Trump’s view of CNN.

In fact, the American people trust CNN more than they trust Trump.

A new poll released by SurveyMonkey revealed that 50 percent of Americans trust CNN compared to 43 percent who trust Trump more. However, only those who identify as Republicans sided with Trump. Meanwhile, most Democrats sided with CNN. The tie-breaker was cast by those who identify as independent, who trust CNN more than Trump by a 55-40 vote.

So while Trump has been able to dupe Republicans into believing that CNN is evil and out to get them, most Americans see right through Trump’s bullshit and would rather be informed instead of indoctrinated.

White House aides must be busy trying to hide this news from Trump. Because you can bet that when he learns of it his July 4th festivities will be ruined. Trump will likely explode with rage on Twitter and throw a temper tantrum. But he only has himself to blame for attacking every single critical story CNN publishes as false. Sometimes, the media gets it wrong, but they are definitely not wrong every time. Trump, on the other hand, is constantly lying even when the evidence is totally against him.

It’s time for Trump to stop attacking the media. A free press is essential to maintain liberty. Every time Trump attacks it, he is attacking the Constitution and not one American should tolerate that kind of behavior.

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