Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Just Said The Unthinkable About His Twitter Attacks (VIDEO)

If you want your entire day ruined, you don’t need to look any further than the amount of a** kissing that goes on at Fox News when it comes to Donald Trump. As one of the only networks that lacks the backbone to condemn Trump’s inexcusable behavior, the network has practically become a nonstop reel of lies and outlandish praise for a reality television star who truly does not deserve the position he’s currently in – and what happened last night on Fox shows just how low the network has stooped.

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Last night, Kimberly Guilfoyle filled in for Sean Hannity on his show, leading a panel with The Washington Times’ Charlie Hurt and Trump’s infamous former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. What unfolded during this segment will make you sick, as the panel focused on Trump’s battle with the free press.

Unlike most Americans who slammed Trump for his disgusting Twitter attacks on Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the people on Fox felt quite differently. Hurt said he “loved” the petty, childish attack. He then said:

“I don’t blame the guy. If I had his vicious wit and his ability to tweet things out like that and destroy my enemies, I probably would do it too.”

That was just the beginning of everyone endorsing Trump’s highly unpresidential behavior. It gets much, much worse.

Guilfoyle actually said Trump was a “verbal jiu jitsu artist” and a “slayer.” Yes, seriously. That happened. And Lewandowski’s comments were the rest of the iceberg:

“He’s the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter. We’ve seen it many times. He’s taken down his opponents on Twitter many times. You can ask Little Marco or Lyin’ Ted or Crooked Hillary… or Low-Energy Jeb, we all know the names.

When you oppose Donald Trump, beware of his 100 million social media followers.”

That’s right. Lewandowski just compared an immature, incompetent moron with the vocabulary of a toddler to one of the greatest novelists of the 20th century. There aren’t enough words for how wrong this is, but if you can stomach it, here’s the segment below:

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