Trump’s Conversation With Pakistan’s Prime Minister Gets Posted Online – And He Sounds Like A Child

One of the most terrifying aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency is speculating on how he will handle the fraught tensions with countries in the Middle East. In particular, Pakistan is a powder keg. Already seeing its nuclear standoff with India heating up, the Muslim nation has been growing increasingly reluctant to work with the United States. Parts of the country are now almost entirely autonomous and its border with Afghanistan is the site of even more bloodshed.

But none of this is known to Donald Trump, who has spent his weeks blowing off intelligence briefings and ranting about “Hamilton” on Twitter instead. So it’s no wonder then, that when Trump got a chance to actually speak with Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, he sounded like a child trying to bullshit a pop quiz.

Here’s how the Pakistani government described the call:

While Trump had nothing but smoke to blow up Sharif’s ass, little was actually said. Sharif likely hung up the phone more confused than ever about what exactly Trump sees as America’s foreign policy stance. Join the club. It’s likely that even Donald Trump doesn’t know what Donald Trump is going to do about the Middle East.

The most disturbing line Trump said was when he, without approval from Congress or the American people, promised the Prime Minister of Pakistan that he would “personally” play “any role that you want me to play.” Let’s hope Sharif assumed Trump was being characteristically dishonest because that is a very dangerous promise to make and one with far-reaching implications for America’s various diplomatic relations throughout the region. (Again, it might help for Trump to brush up on this stuff before chitchatting with the Prime Minister of a complicated ally in an explosive region of the world.)

America is about to learn first hand just how suicidal it is to hand over the keys to the country to a man who not only has absolutely no experience with governing, but shows no interest in even learning on the job. Trump is going to learn a lesson too: When you give a foreign country a blank check, they’re eventually going to want to cash it.

Featured image via Brian Blanco/Getty Images

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