Trump’s Campaign Manager Wanted In Murder Investigation, Daughter Says He Killed People


Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who is currently waiting to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, is now wanted in a murder investigation.

The shocking news was first discovered after roughly 300,000 texts were published to an anonymous hacker website that were allegedly sent between Manafort’s daughters, Andrea and Jessica, claiming he killed people.

“You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly,” Andrea Manafort apparently wrote to her sister in March 2015, referring to their father’s alleged role in the February 2014 police shootings in Kiev that killed over 100 pro-Western protesters in the weeks leading up to Yanukovych’s escape.

Here’s the other thing: Yanukovych is closely connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and has been hiding in Russia since he fled Ukraine in February of 2014, where he still remains wanted for high treason.

In another text that was uncovered, the young Manafort allegedly claimed that he was behind the strategy that Yanukovych ended up implementing when he killed dozens of protesters in Kiev’s Independence Square.

“Do you know whose strategy that was to cause that, to send those people out and get them slaughtered,” Andrea Manafort supposedly wrote to her sister, referring to their father.

Right now, the investigation is looking to verify the authenticity of the texts, but if they are indeed real, this is definitely a bombshell.

I call on Mr. Manafort to clarify the allegations contained in the text messages and to contact us with any information he may have on those events,” said Eugenia Zakrevska, a human rights attorney representing the victims of the Kiev killings to CNN.

Ukraine’s special investigations prosecutor Serhiy Gorbatyuk, confirmed that the texts will be probed and potentially submitted as evidence. “We will check thoroughly to verify if they are real or not,” Gorbatyuk told CNN.

Previously, Manafort already verified the authenticity of some of the texts dealing with another unrelated issue.

Currently, Manafort remains under investigation by several U.S. intelligence agencies over kickbacks he supposedly received from Yanukovych.

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