Trump’s Betrayal Of Sessions Complete As He Launches New Attacks In Early Morning Twitter Rant

There was once a time when Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions were the closest of friends. After all, during the GOP primaries, Sessions was the very first United States Senator to endorse Trump, at a time when the rest of the elected Republican establishment was still going back and forth between embarrassment, laughter, and horror at Trump’s rag tag campaign. Having Sessions’ endorsement legitimized Trump at a critical time, and made him acceptable to the GOP base. Therefore, one would think that Trump’s loyalty to Sessions would be unwavering right? Wrong.

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It was unsurprising to have Trump pick Sessions to be his Attorney General. After all, Trump values loyalty above every other characteristic. He thought that with Jeff Sessions running the Department of Justice, he’d have a loyal stooge who would shield the Trump family, including Trump himself, the White House staff, and others in the Trump orbit from anything that might be damaging in the Russia investigation. It was seemingly perfect – they could put up a front and pretend there was a credible investigation going on, all while burying all the really important stuff.

Then came Sessions’ recusal from all things Russia. That is when the tide turned. After a series of events that were great for the integrity of the investigation and terrible for Trump, we wind up with Special Counsel Robert Mueller running the investigation, with Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein running it. Now, fast forward into a time when new Russia revelations that involve Trump and his family are coming out almost daily, and Trump has turned on Sessions. He is angry that Sessions recused himself, and now regrets hiring him as Attorney General in the first place.

Now, Trump is doing to Sessions what he has been doing to everyone he wants to get rid of: Publicly humiliating them. First, Trump called Sessions “beleagured.” Now, fast forward to Tuesday morning, and we have Trump amping up his Twitter attacks on Sessions tenfold, essentially calling him a stooge for Hillary Clinton, and also accusing him of being weak:

So, there you have it. Word on the street is that we’ll get an even worse pick than Sessions – possibly that ridiculous old fool Rudy Giuliani – if Trump is able to force Sessions out. If Trump gets his way, it will definitely be a loyal stooge rather than a serious law enforcement officer. Either way, we’re screwed.

On the other side of that, though, we learned one thing: Trump doesn’t really like saying, “YOU’RE FIRED!” He’d rather show his true colors as a schoolyard bully and humiliate people into quitting instead.

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