Trump Working Hard While On Vacation? Not According To His Schedule (IMAGE)

Even though Donald Trump tweeted out that he wasn’t actually on vacation but rather staying at his New Jersey golf club as renovations were being done on the White House, and he was really busy at work, reality tells a different story.

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Early on Monday morning, Trump tweeted a nine-tweet hissy fit about the “fake news” and how everyone mistreats him, yet he was also self mastubatory congratulatory, blah blah blah:

Clearly, the weather was bad and he needed something to do now that he couldn’t golf. So, he watched CNN, that he claims he doesn’t watch, and melted down, yet again, before our very eyes.

Meanwhile, we were told that Trump is busy and work with meetings and the like, but according to Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed who tweeted out Trump’s schedule for the day, that doesn’t seem to the case whatsoever:

“The White House easily could make it clear that Trump is working and not vacationing (if they wanted to do so): Actually schedule things.”

Wow. And apparently, his schedule is wide open all week as well.

Now, we can look at this one of two ways:

  1. Trump is lazy and not doing his job and playing golf on the taxpayers dime.
  2. He’s golfing and not getting us into WWIII

Hopefully, the Russia investigation speeds up and we can get Trump out of office sooner rather than later, but in the mean time, at least he’s not starting World War III.

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