Trump Will Not Donate To Harvey Relief With Personal Money; He Just Lied To Everyone

Donald Trump has issues a lot of promises to the American people, but what the so-called president has failed to do is deliver on those promises.

Earlier this week, the White House released a list of 12 organizations to which Trump has pledged to donate a total of $1 million of his personal money in an attempt to aide Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Obtained by Talking Points Memo, here is a list of organizations and their promised sums:

Two organizations, Red Cross and Salvation Army, were together promised a majority of the sum, at $300,000 each. Reach Out America and Samaritan’s Purse were each promised $100,000. The remaining eight organizations — the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsCatholic Charities, Direct Relief, Habitat for Humanity, Houston Humane Society, Operation Blessing, Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies and Team Rubicon — were each promised $25,000. 

Six of the organizations are religiously affiliated. Two, the Humane Society and ASPCA, deal with animals. One, Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies, describes itself as facilitating “a variety of projects involving people with disabilities, including post-disaster relief work.” And Team Rubicon draws on the “skills and experiences of military veterans” and first responders following disasters.

It all looks good on paper, right? Well, except for a minor problem: none of these organizations have received a single check.

Tony Morain, communications director for Direct Relief, said Wednesday that the group had “just received notification by phone that a personal donation from President Trump has been made to Direct Relief a and a check is being sent by mail” and that such a donation “typically takes several days to receive and process.”

The call reportedly came from the Trump Organization, specifying that the call came from Rhona Graff, Trump’s longtime personal assistant.

Paul Timmons told TPM over the phone Thursday that a member of his organization, Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies, had also heard from Graff on Wednesday. He did not confirm having received the donation at all.

Not only is Trump not following through with his promise, but the billionaire isn’t even offering his own money–it’s coming from his funded organization. Whether it’s a foundation built on other people’s money or his business, Trump refuses to write a personal check–which brings home the point that the traitor-in-chief’s only concern is himself.



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