Trump Vows Media ‘Will Be Forced’ To Report Successes, But He Has None Yet

Monday morning, Donald Trump announced via Twitter that jobs, the economy, ISIS, the border, and “so much more” would soon have to be topics the “Fake News” reports on. Presumably he means instead of reporting on his frequent, hyper, and often violent tweets about the media. Let’s set the irony aside for a moment and consider the premise:

At the time of his tweet, Mr. Trump could number his days in office at 165. That’s an awfully short time to claim all that success for, don’t you think? So short, in fact, that you might almost think someone else was responsible.

Let me get one item in his list out of the way, though, because he has been “successful,” if it’s measured in how many families have been torn apart (and not whether he’s gotten his stupid wall built). The number of deportations of undocumented immigrants has increased under Trump, because he did away with any silly considerations like whether they were guilty of any crime other than crossing the border illegally. But that brings me to my next point. Deportations increased exponentially under Obama as well — but he was careful to ensure that a higher percentage of them were violent criminals.

In fact, everything listed in Trump’s tweet can be directly attributed to the previous administration. Not only has he not been in office long enough for any policies to take effect — he has no policies that have created jobs, improved the economy, or targeted ISIS in any way that Obama wasn’t already doing. And yet it’s almost like Trump actually believes the things he’s saying.

To be honest, I’m pretty sick of Trump’s tweets, although his Twitter feud with The Media™ is getting CNN, MSNBC, and the like insanely good ratings right now. Some people are eating this up, I suppose. Me? I would love to see the “Fake News” report on the good things going on in America. Just as long as they note that none of it can be attributed to Donald Trump.

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