Trump Voters Whine That They’re Scared to Death Of Trumpcare, Forget They Got Exactly What They Asked For (VIDEO)

More and more Trump voters are feeling buyer’s remorse after they let their desire to ban Muslims from entering the country and build a gigantic wall to keep those inferior brownish people to the south from coming into their pristine white country.

Sure, it was all fun and games when it was all Muslim bans this and MAGA that — but now shit is getting real for the “poorly educated” people who voted for The Donald.

On Thursday, “FAKE NEWS” (or whatever mean hashtag Trump is tweeting these days) CNN hosted a panel of people who have been betrayed by Donald Trump after they trusted him to lead the country — and now that their healthcare is threatened, they suddenly think there might be a problem with putting a kakistocrat in office because he caters to the worst in all of them.

“I have bipolar disorder, it’s a pretty severe case,” Colleen England Byrd — a woman who is suddenly “scared” now that Trump has made good on his promise to do his everything to ruin healthcare. “And if he takes that away — Medicaid people, Medicare people, no medications, no doctors — it’s going to be like the zombie apocalypse, really running-through-the-streets crazy.”

Byrd says that she voted for Trump because he promised “something better” — he actually promised to destroy Obamacare, but who really expects these folks to use their brains? Now, she says that “what I’ve seen come off the block is not better.”

“I have loved ones that have chronic conditions that are functioning now because of the medications they’re on, and because of the medical care they receive,” another Trump voter complained. “I’m scared.”

Look, it’s sad that these people are going to lose their healthcare. It’s terrible that their families will suffer. It’s even worse that your families will suffer because they ignored facts that were readily available, assumed Trump was not being serious when he said he would burn it all to the ground, and allowed their various bigotries to control them.

These people were willing to hurt everyone around them and do not deserve pity — but each and every person they hurt does. Everyone who has suffered, is suffering, and who will suffer because of them deserves every ounce of sympathy you can muster. After all, we can’t trust these douchebags to feel anything until they are personally hurt by the problems they help create. You can tell because the only people on this panel who are angry are the ones who will be hurt by the GOP’s plan. The rest are still fine with Mr. 45.

Watch the segment below, and pray that these people are capable of feeling genuine shame:

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