Trump Viciously Attacked Senator On Russia; His Response Will Terrify Trump

Donald Trump thought he was scaring Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal when he took Twitter to slam him. All because the Senator spoke against him on his favorite station ‘CNN’.(note the sarcasm), saying that the media network was doing a great sticking to the Russia coverage.

Included in Trump’s tweet were,

Well, that ‘con artist’ had responded in the perfect way and shut down Trump’s string of tweets. Blumenthal took to Twitter reminding Trump of the one thing he seems to forget, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW,

Along with addressing Trump’s bullying, Blumenthal also took to Twitter to let Trump know not to try and distract the people from the true issue at hand,

And that is exactly what Trump should understand, he isn’t above the law and there is no running from the truth that will be exposed involving his Russia collusion.


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