Trump Uses Conference With Baltic Leaders To Mock American Press; Humiliates Our Nation

President Donald Trump took questions from reporters this afternoon in a joint White House press conference with the leaders of the Baltic States, where he reiterated his intent to pull U.S. forces out of Syria and send U.S. troops to the southern border with Mexico.

Each president was to pick one reporter of their own choosing from the press pool to ask a question. When it was President Raimonds Vējonis of Latvia’s turn to pick, Trump rudely shouts this:

“Pick a reporter..a Baltic reporter ideally. Real news, not fake news!”

Watch the clip via Washington Examiner, below:

For a U.S president to suggest that we don’t have a free and independent press in America, in front of other world leaders no less, is flat-out embarrassing. And yet Donald Trump has done it not just every time he appears in public with a leader or leaders from around the world, but literally at every opportunity he has, in any situation that he can possibly think of.

It’s almost as though it is central to his only viable plan for his presidency to be considered a success: To convince everyone that any facts that are not complimentary to him are fake news.

Not only that, but it is ill-mannered to tell a world leader who they should pick from the press; Trump resembles a toddler here and it’s absolutely cringe-worthy that we have a president who lacks maturity. Nonetheless, it is painful to watch these Baltic leaders bite their tongue while being publicly embarrassed by the actions of this president. They know how the rest of the people inside Trump’s inner circle feel every time he spouts off another childish outburst.

They know how this “fake news” story ends. They saw it firsthand with Putin. Trump never fails to humiliate our country once again.

Featured image via CNN

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