Trump Unleashes Twitter Fit Of Lies In Response To Sally Yates Testimony (TWEETS)

With the temperature rising on the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, one person who is definitely feeling the heat and not handling it well is Donald Trump.

He started off the day on Monday by trying to shift blame regarding General Flynn and attempting to throw former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, whom he fired for upholding the Consitution, under the bus:

Then, after all was said and done regarding Yates testimony, Trump decided to unleash another Twitter fit of rage this time filled with falsehoods and attempts to pivot from the point.

Trump tweeted:

Keep in mind that it was absolutely revealed by Yates to the White House that Flynn was susceptible to blackmail by Russia and Trump kept him on. So, while perhaps not directly colluding, it still doesn’t look too great from Trump… at all.

Trump also tweeted:

Um, no. She actually revealed and confirmed information that was very damning regarding not only Flynn but your administration and the election as a whole.

Wait, there’s more:

When are we going to stop investigating Russian meddling into our elections and an attack on our democracy? Not anytime soon, and if Trump were a patriotic American he’d be equally upset that Russia tried to influence our election. It just so happened that it worked to his favor, so he seems to just want it swept under the rug.

Oh, then there’s this:

For f*ck’s sake, man. What about surveillance? Is this about Trump Tower again, or microwaves again, or maybe a microphone slipped under whatever that is on your head?

The more Trump flounders and tries to shift blame and pivot, the more he makes himself look guilty. So, keep talking, Trump. Keep talking.

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