Trump Unable To Reveal His ISIS Strategy For One Very Hilarious Reason (DETAILS)

The first six months of Donald Trump’s presidency were marked by a shocking amount of failures, and yet we’re nowhere near the end of it.

Trump spent much of his presidential campaign (and presidency) ranting and raving about how he was going to defeat ISIS with his “secret plan,” all while criticizing former President Barack Obama’s “stupid” “total failure” approach. And yet, what he’s actually putting forth is an entirely different story. Apparently, right now the White House is struggling to make Trump’s ISIS strategy different from the plan Obama was implementing, and it’s proving to be more difficult than they thought – because it’s basically the same damn plan!

According to the Daily Beast, Trump is practically stealing Obama’s ISIS strategy, as he has made very few changes to a plan that he once continuously dissed and whined about. This makes sense, as Obama’s plan was quite successful – especially during his last six months in office – but this is a surprising move for Trump, considering how much sh*t he spoke about Obama’s way of doing things. Then again, Trump loves stealing Obama’s accomplishments…The Daily Beast reported:

The effectiveness of the current Obama-era strategy of attacking ISIS via local forces together with allies calls into question whether there’s a need for more dramatic revision.”

Because of this, Trump and his administration are facing a challenge similar to what they’re facing with their health care fiasco: the challenge of coming up with something better than what Obama was doing:

That’s presented a dilemma for those working on the Trump anti-ISIS strategy and slowed its public unveiling, U.S. officials tell The Daily Beast. The White House has asked defense officials to come up with new ideas to help brand the Trump campaign as different from its predecessor, according to two U.S. officials and one senior administration official.”

Trump is in a desperate position, too – at the end of Obama’s presidency, 80 top level ISIS leaders were killed by coalition forces. Under Trump’s administration, this number has decreased to 50 and the “lower numbers of high-value targets killed points to the deadly success of the strategy built by the Obama White House.”

Once again, Obama outshines Trump and is making him eat his words. This further proves that Trump is a fraud that can only succeed by taking credit for the hard work of more capable people. The fact that he can’t unveil his ISIS strategy because it’s too similar to Obama’s is a major embarrassment to him, proving that he can never measure up to 44!

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