Trump Tweets North Korea-Style Propaganda Instead Of National Anthem, People Are P*SSED (VIDEO)

It seemed like something that could not possibly happen, but Donald Trump found a way to make the 4th of July sh*tty. Just like other fascists throughout history, he decided that the annual celebration of the United States becoming a free nation should be tied to his name — so he had some folks perform a musical rendition of “Make America Great Again.”

It’s surreal, like something you’d see in a North Korean propaganda video — but it actually happened. On Tuesday, The Donald tweeted a video of a chorus standing before a gigantic American flag premiering Trump’s campaign slogan in musical form. It’s also quite possibly the worst thing you will hear in your life:

Seriously, though, it’s just like North Korean propaganda:

While his racist, xenophobic, violent, and deplorable supporters absolutely loved the song (Let’s face it: they would say a well done steak topped with 45’s feces tastes delicious), the rest of us are left staring at our screens wondering how the fuck we’ve fallen so far:

While a better man (or woman) would have simply celebrated the birth of our nation, Trump chose to make the day about himself — creepily adding what his followers are already considering their new national anthem. Instead of patriotism, we get propaganda from our President-with-an-asterisk.

Featured image via screen capture

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