Trump Tweet From 2012 Proves He Thinks That He’s A Failure As President; Sad! (IMAGE)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump is good at, it’s being a hypocrite. He’s been going on and on and on blaming Democrats for the Republican’s inability to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Here are some of his rage tweets:

However, here’s the thing about all that. Republicans control the House, the Senate AND the White House. When former President Obama needed to make sure his health care bill passed, he made sure it passed. So, in all legitimacy, the only person truly to blame for Trumpcare not being able to pass, is Donald Trump.

Even Donald Trump from 2012 agrees!

Back in 2012, Trump tweeted out:

“Obama’s complaints about Republicans stopping his agenda are BS since he had full control for two years. He can never take responsibility.”

via Twitter

And then this in 2013:

So, when Trump says, “I’m not going to own it” in reference to the failure of Trumpcare, he should probably STFU because according to himself, he’s a failure and should take all responsibility for his actions.

When you’re the supposed leader of your party, as you are when you’re not only the president but a president with your party in the majority, you have to take responsibility for not getting your agenda accomplished.

Trump is a failure! Sad!

Featured Photo by Getty Images

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