Trump Turns His Back On Soldiers Who Are Immigrants In Disgusting New Move

Time and time again, Donald Trump has proven how shamefully unpatriotic he really is.

News broke out today that the Pentagon is planning to pull out of a deal it made with thousands of immigrant recruits with specialized medical or language skills such as surgeons or Arabic speakers who want to serve our nation. The deal simple: Joining the military will allow highly-skilled refugees to be placed on the fast track to citizenship and be given the opportunity to live out their American dream. Unfortunately for America and especially these soldiers, we have a man in the Oval Office who is the ultimate dream crusher.

If this proposal were to be passed, it would cancel enlistment contracts for many of the foreign-born recruits, leaving nearly 1,000 soldiers without legal protection from deportation.

The plan under consideration is laid out in a memo from Pentagon officials to Defense Secretary James Mattis. In the memo, obtained by NPR, high-level personnel and intelligence officials cite security concerns and inadequate vetting of recruits under a program called Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, or MAVNI.

Now, this recruitment process started back in 2009 under the Obama administration, allowing visa holders, asylees and refugees to bypass the green card process to become U.S. citizens. Of course, Trump’s main goal in life is to destroy every single legislation passed by Obama, no matter how beneficial it is.

Many noncitizens recruited under MAVNI and currently serving in the Army Reserve have sued–as they should– their argument is valid. They were promised an expedited path to citizenship, they were promised life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but they were left in the dust by the Pentagon, who by law, were required to process their naturalization applications.

Not only that, but they can argue the fact that the Pentagon discriminated against naturalized U.S. citizens who were denied security clearances in the first terms of their enlistment. That meant that the military careers of the MAVNI recruits were effectively stalled out because they were unable to attend officer training school.

These military immigrants haven’t committed treasonous acts like the man siting cozy in the Oval Office, they haven’t lied, cheated, or colluded in anyway. The only thing they have done is voluntarily risked their lives to help keep America safe, and this how we are repaying them?

Serving our country is an honorable choice. Do not dishonor anyone who served by reducing benefits or offering less than promised. The Pentagon should be ashamed.



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