Trump Tries To Pass Another One Of Obama’s Accomplishments As His Own And Twitter Destroys Him

Donald Trump has openly expressed his disdain for former President Barack Obama. Let’s be real, it’s just flat out hating and jealousy within every Obama comment or tweet he’s ever made.

In today’s tweet Trump followed up on his ‘nuclear war’ threat he tweeted out Tuesday to North Korea. That alone sent the whole nation into a state of fear, not knowing what is going to happen next. Trump’s Wednesday tweet was filled with nothing but lies.

But it sounded too familiar. And you didn’t have to wonder for long why it did. Twitter was already on top of it. They found out that Obama already had a nuclear modernization plan.

As reported by CBS, The Defense Department and Energy Department spent billions of dollars on refurbishing the arsenal and bringing aging nuclear weapons up to modern capabilities as well as guidance systems and related technologies. 

In 2016, before leaving office, President Obama committed to a plan of spending $1 trillion over 30 years to modernize the US nuclear arsenal. So, Trump, you’re just late to the party. As much as you obsess over Obama’s imaginary failures, you secretly want to be him so bad. So, you try and steal his life while in office. Sounds a lot like the film ‘Get Out’.

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