Trump Tries Smearing James Comey AGAIN And Ends Up Digging His Own Grave Instead


Trump caused a major problem when he tweeted that James Comey had better hope there were no tapes of their conversations before he went running to the press. For five weeks, he played with that, and then finally admitted yesterday that there were no tapes. Of course, that makes him look like the lying, foolish man-child that he is, so what’s he doing now? Trying to cover, of course! And failing miserably.

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He says his comment about tapes was a bluff intended to keep Comey honest (because, you know, the liar to end all liars in the White House thinks everyone else is a pathological liar and he’s the only truth-teller). In an interview on Fox News, Trump tried a new-old tactic for painting Comey as a liar while explaining what he thinks may have happened when Comey found out there was a possibility of tapes:

Well I didn’t tape him. You never know what’s happening when you see that the Obama administration and perhaps longer than that was doing all this unmasking and surveillance and you read all about it and I’ve been reading about it for the last couple of months about the seriousness of the horribleness of the situation of surveillance all over the place.

But I didn’t tape, and I don’t have any tapes, and I didn’t tape, but when he found out that there may be tapes out there, whether its governmental tapes or anything else and who knows, I think his story may have changed.”

Really? Comey’s testimony made Trump look terrible. His story didn’t change from the prepared remarks he asked the Senate Intelligence Committee to release the night before he testified. It didn’t change from the memo given to The New York Times shortly after he was fired. He told the committee repeatedly that he believed he was fired because of the Russia investigation and that Trump lied about it. He detailed out all the times Trump tried to pressure him to drop it.

In fact, he wanted tapes! While talking to Dianne Feinstein during his testimony, he mentioned Trump’s tweet about tapes and actually said, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes!” Unlike the rest of the bootlickers in Trump’s administration, he knew damned well that tapes of those conversations would support his version of events.

Does it occur to Trump that, if Comey changed his story because he thought there were tapes, his testimony would have been all about, “No, Trump never pressured me to do anything, the memo was a lie, and I deserved to be fired?” If any tapes supported Trump, Comey’s only other option was perjury and he knew it.

Trump also said that his own story never changed, which would mean that it’s in direct conflict with what Comey said, under oath and under the pressure of possible tapes. So who lied? As if we even had to ask. Trump digs his own grave ever deeper every single time he even mentions Jim Comey.

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