Trump Tricks Small Business Owner Into Appearing At Anti-Obamacare Event; He’s Obsessed

A small business owner from Massachusetts has appeared in an event sponsored by President Trump. The event showcases President Trump’s signing ceremony in where he further attacks Obama’s legacy by eradicating aspects of the Affordable Care Act. The small business owner has said that he’s been ultimately tricked by the White House.

Dave Ratner, the owner of several Dave’s Soda outlets and Pet City stores throughout Western Massachusetts and Connecticut has faced backlash from his customers after they noticed that he appeared at the ceremony last week. However, he insists that the National Retailers Association told him that the event would be about an executive order that will enable small businesses to “form associations to buy affordable and competitive health insurance” – and stated nothing about the Affordable Care Act.

Ratner claims that he was appalled when he noticed that this was about to the Affordable Care Act. He did not support the President’s decision to cut off subsidies, which is expected to cause a rise in premiums for millions of customers.

Trump Seems Obsessed With Obama

In the past couple of weeks, President Trump has spearheaded his agenda to undermine former President Barack Obama’s legacy. He rolled back several policies and planned to repeal others like the Affordable Care Act, the Paris Accord, and the Iran nuclear deal. He also attacked women’s health coverage, undermining an initiative by the Affordable Care Act that obligated employers to cover birth control. His administration has also made it a point to attack America’s most vulnerable, using DACA as a bargaining chip and making it legal for employers to fire someone for their sexual orientation – just a couple of years after same-sex marriage has been legalized during Obama’s era.

Ratner has said that he would have never attended the event if it was about dismantling Obamacare.

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