Trump To Harm THOUSANDS With NASTY Funding Cut, Except For Program That Helps Make Him Richer


Trump is busy looking for ways to cut federal spending, and it’s like he only focuses on hurting as many people as he can. His latest budget proposal contains deep cuts to programs that help shelter the homeless and the poor, which is just disgusting on its face. What makes it worse, though, is that his cuts don’t apply to a program that pays subsidies directly to private landlords.

Private landlords like him.

Trump has a four percent stake in the country’s largest public housing facility, known as Starrett City. That may not sound like much, but he reaps millions from that subsidy every year. Since May of 2013, HUD has paid out $490 million to the owners of Starrett City, and $38 million just since Trump took office.

Trump wants to cut a whopping 29 percent from the overall public housing budget and 15 percent from HUD’s general budget. He would also cut 5 percent from a program that allows certain people to use vouchers for housing that isn’t necessarily public housing. But Starrett City alone receives nearly $11 billion, and Trump wants to cut a whole $65 million from that program.

That’s a drop in the bucket, and it’s sickening evidence of how Trump is using his office to enrich himself, regardless of whether it comes at the expense of others. While Ben Carson is busy claiming that nobody “is going to be thrown out on the street” if these cuts were to happen, they would cripple public housing agencies across the country and force thousands of units currently serving the poor to close up.

That, in turn, throws people out into the streets, so shove it, Carson.

According to Orlando Cabrera, writing for The Hill, these proposed cuts would also do nothing to relieve the tax burden of regular, everyday Americans. It would probably make that worse by harming the efficiency of other services—like food and healthcare—that help the poor and homeless.

But as long as Trump is getting those millions from his own stake in public housing, who the hell cares, right? He’s getting richer, so screw everyone else.

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