Trump Throws UNHINGED Tantrum Over Report That Russia Tried To Blackmail Him

In a rather hilarious and concerning turn of events, it appears that Russia attempted to dig up dirt on Donald Trump to use against him.

You know, because puppets have to be controlled in some way, and Putin can’t keep his hand up Trump’s ass forever.

According to a report by Buzzfeed, Trump hired prostitutes to show up at the Ritz Carlton presidential suite in Moscow, where President Obama would stay while in Russia, and asked them to urinate on the bed while he watched. Trump wasn’t the only one watching, however, as the report claims that Russia had cameras in the room to record everything in order to use the footage against Trump.

Thus, the “Golden Showers” scandal has gone viral and Trump absolutely lost his shit on Twitter Tuesday night and Wednesday morning about it, going so far as to yell and compare our intelligence agencies to Nazis.

And, of course, Twitter users had a field day.

There’s plenty more where those came from, but George Takei won the Internet with his response.

Donald Trump is a total joke and if this news is fake, it really doesn’t matter because karma is a bitch. Trump’s just mad because he’s on the other end of it this time instead of Hillary Clinton.

Featured Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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