Trump Throws Nasty Fit Because CNN Wouldn’t Run His Campaign Ad; CNN’s Response Is Epic

As always, Donald Trump has to throw a tantrum like a toddler when situations fail to go his way. On Tuesday, CNN announced that they would not air Trump’s sloppy campaign ad because it refers to the media outlet as “fake news.”

Trump’s campaign team, who spent over $1 million on expenses to promote Trump’s so-called “accomplishments,” didn’t take CNN’s refusal lightly.

Honestly, Trump must be completely out of touch with reality if he believes that CNN would ever run his ad after he calls them “fake news” in the commercial.

While Trump whines about not getting his way, CNN graciously explains why  President Trump’s re-election ad would not be aired on their outlet:

Despite what Trump’s White House may think, CNN is a reliable source of news. The only “fake news” is Trump’s bogus list of accomplishments that we constantly have to hear about. Trump’s attempt to make CNN look like the enemy has failed because it’s more than obvious who the real enemy is here.




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