Trump Threatens To Kill Entire Insurance Industry If Bill Isn’t Passed, Goes On Rant


President Trump’s entire weekend schedule is empty, according to the latest public release coming from the White House. What does that mean? It leaves him plenty of time to get on Twitter and rant in front of the entire country, saying lord knows what.

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One of his latest tweets (as of this writing) has him threatening to kill the entire insurance marketplace if Congress doesn’t pass his health care bill. Talk about a tantrum.

“If a new Healthcare bill is not approved quickly, bailouts for insurance companies and bailouts for members of Congress will end very soon!”

It was a veiled threat with very serious implications. 

Trump is talking about withholding payments, known as Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) given to individuals, which in turn lowers the amount people have to pay for deductibles, copayments, and insurance.


Trump has previously threatened to take these Obamacare subsidies to insurers away. For the month of July, they are currently being paid, but the White House has made no commitments past this month.

Trump is mad that Senate Republicans failed to produce a bill after months of efforts to repeal and replace President Obama’s landmark legislation. Trump says the marketplace is failing under the current plan and describes it as “imploding.”


He also said Republicans ‘look like fools.’


If Republicans don’t pass a bill, it’s not going to hurt the country so much as their own party. They basically campaigned for 8 years with the promise to undo Obamacare. If they fail, that’s on them 100%. It’s not Democrats fault they aren’t able to convince every member of their party to blindly sign onto Trumpcare.

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