Trump Thinks This Is Television, Gets Torn Apart After Calling WH Room By ‘Apprentice’ Name

The swearing-in of his new Chief of Staff John Kelly might have jolted Donald Trump’s brain back a few years. Maybe it’s the repetitive on-camera appearances. Perhaps it’s seeing the same “cast” of reporters and staffers every day. Whatever the case is, Trump thought he was on the set of “The Apprentice” Monday morning.

After the brief ceremony with Kelly in the Oval Office, Trump started heading to his standard scheduled Monday meeting with his Cabinet secretaries, which takes place in the appropriately-named Cabinet Room of the White House. The problem is, that’s not what he repeatedly referred to it as — he kept calling it “the Board Room,” which was the part of the “Apprentice” set where tasks were given out, interviews were held, and firings took place.

It would explain a lot, knowing that Trump thinks he’s still on TV. But Twitter wasn’t having it:

It’s a wonder Trump has lasted this long without the kind of mental break that leads to him believing he’s in some sort of fantasy world of television. We must be getting close to the part where we get to say… You’re fired.

Featured image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

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