Trump Thanks A**-Kissing Fox Host For Giving His Presidency An ‘A+’ And The World Erupts In Laughter


Donald Trump should have known better, but he decided to make an ass of himself on Twitter again anyway on Sunday night after watching Fox News host Lou Dobbs repeatedly kiss his ass.

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During his show, Dobbs ignored all of Trump’s scandals, his failed first 100 days, and his inability to sign any major legislation into law that does anything to actually help the American people. Indeed, the only bills Trump has signed thus far are routine pieces of legislation that nobody really has a problem with.

But Dobbs went out of his way to praise Trump for things that were happening long before Trump ever took office.

Dobbs gave Trump credit for jobs and the stock market, but both of those economic indicators were already booming under President Obama. Obama presided over the most consecutive months of job creation in American history and saw the stock market reach new records. Trump should not get credit for Obama’s achievements.

Also, Trump’s Supreme Court pick should never have existed. If Republicans had not initiated an unprecedented refusal to hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland, President Obama would have filled Scalia’s seat with a far more qualified judge than Neil Gorsuch will ever be.

Border security also improved under President Obama as illegal immigration slowed to a crawl, the lowest recorded in 40 years.

And let’s face it, the only regulations Trump is gutting are those that were specifically designed to protect the health and safety of the American people and the environment we depend on.

But Trump personally thanked Dobbs for being his propaganda tool.

Again, this is actually NOT true at all. Trump’s Fox News report card is completely fake.

And it was so fake that Twitter users were laughing their asses off.

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