Trump Tells Whole World He’s Not Working Today; Looking At Women Instead (TWEETS)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump loves the most, it’s women. Not his businesses, he lets those go under. Not his reputation, that’s already in the trash. And most especially not the United States. Trump loves women. He loves looking at them, grabbing them without permission, giving them inappropriate compliments, and most especially being around them, so long as they’re pretty enough.

Openly admitting he’s not working for the American people as he was appointed by the Electoral College to do, Trump said he’s going to be watching women instead.

Friday, Trump tweeted:

“I will be at the @USGA #USWomensOpen in Bedminster, NJ tomorrow. Big crowds expected & the women are playing great-should be very exciting!”


And look, there he is!

Oh yeah, did we forget to tell you? It’s at his golf club where the money made will be going to his family business. And Trump is super stoked about it!

So, instead of working for the United States, Trump takes yet another weekend off to be around golf at one of his many properties and chooses to look at women all day instead.

How exactly is this making America great again? It seems it’s only making the Trump family brand great again. Well, at least for now until they all go to jail for alleged treason and collusion.

Featured Photo by Getty Images

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