Trump Tells Americans ‘Obamacare Is Death’ And The Internet Responds PERFECTLY (TWEETS)

Every attempt by Donald Trump to defend the disastrous GOP health care bill has failed miserably, and it’s a shame that he keeps trying. Every time he disses Obamacare in an attempt to make Trumpcare seem like a better option, he falls flat on his face. It’s actually getting pretty pathetic, and what happened earlier today is a perfect example of why Trump needs to just stop. Seriously.

Trump gave a speech at the White House earlier today, where he actually said that “Obamacare is death.” Yes – Trump said this about a historic health care bill that has given more people than ever access to affordable, life saving health care while he and the Republican Party continue to draft different versions of a bill that the Congressional Budget Office says will strip millions of people of their healthcare and drastically cut Medicaid. Makes sense in Trump’s world, I guess.

Trump’s exact words in the Roosevelt Room were:

“They run out they say death, death, death — well Obamacare is death. That’s the one that’s death.”

You can watch this crazy moment below:

To make this even more nuts, Trump described his audience and anyone watching as victims of Obamacare as he said the bill had “wreaked havoc on the lives of innocent, hard working Americans.” Trump also said Obamacare had been ruining the lives of Americans for “17 years” despite the fact that Obamacare wasn’t signed into law until 2010 and has only existed for 7 years. What an idiot!

As you can imagine, the Twitterverse absolutely trashed Trump for his dumba** remarks about a health care bill that the majority of Americans have come to appreciate and love – and he deserved every word of it:

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