Trump Tells A Hilarious Lie To Reporters About His News Habits; We Can’t Stop Laughing

Sometimes Donald Trump’s lies are insidious. Sometimes he sides with Russian dictators against intelligence agencies governed by the US Military. Sometimes he says he’s going to release his tax returns and then threatens holy hell if anyone tries to see them.

But sometimes — not often, mind you, but sometimes — his lies are just plain hilarious.

It was one of each of those lies that he told to members of the press traveling with him aboard Air Force One Saturday morning as he begins to round out his 5-country tour of Asia.

Now, maybe you can chalk it up to the fact that he was speaking primarily to members of the printed press — that is to say, newspapers — and the fact that Trump is predisposed to say things that he thinks his current audience will either like the most, or be the most offended by.

But seeing the account of his statement made me laugh in a way I haven’t been able to since I found out that Alabama was still prepared to elected a child molester to represent them in the United States Senate.

According to The Hill:

Believe it or not, even when I’m in Washington or New York, I do not watch much television,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One. “People that don’t know me, they like to say I watch television — people with fake sources. You know, fake reporters, fake sources.”

“But I don’t get to watch much television. Primarily because of documents. I’m reading documents. A lot,” Trump continued, speaking mainly to print reporters. “I actually read much more — I read you people much more than I watch television.”

Number one, no. Donald Trump is not some voracious reader. People who read a lot don’t say things like “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.”

Number two, even Time Magazine knows that Trump’s got a 60-inch TV in his dining room. Everyone knows.

But the insidious lie that Trump told the press on Saturday was part of the same statement. While he was spouting that ridiculous garbage about not watching television, the reason he says it is clear: He does not yet want to acknowledge that there is bad, uncomfortable truth for Republicans to face all over the TV this weekend in the form of a walking caricature of dirty old white conservatives, Roy Moore.

From The Hill:

I haven’t been able to devote very much time to it,” Trump said, adding that he would “have further comment as we go down the road.”

Oh, he’s devoted some time, you guys. It’s all he can think about.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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