Trump Teams Up With World Leader To Start Anti- Fake News Campaign And We All Die Laughing

Donald Trump’s annoying Fake News campaign has been one of his main focuses since he’s been in leadership. That’s why he has no time to focus on actually leading the country. ‘Fake News’ takes precedence.

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While overseas at the G20 summit, Trump has gotten another world leader to come aboard the ‘Fake News’ train.  Polish President Andrzej Duda was upset about how the media highlighted how his wife reportedly ignored Trump’s handshake to greet Melania instead.

Duda tweeted out that he will “Fight Fake News” claims and slammed the report saying,

Trump ate it up and retweeted the world leader letting him know that he is proud to back him on the fight. It was so annoying!

What a world we live in when we have world leaders plotting to tear down the very thing they should be protecting. And that ‘s freedom of the press. Not everyone is going to say things you like Mr. President, but that doesn’t mean the news being reported is ‘FAKE’. Enough is enough. Start campaigning and coming together for the things that will help the world. This pettiness is so unnecessary and it is hurting our nation.

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