Trump-Supporting NRA Host Begs North Korea To Nuke California

This proves that the National Rifle Association is a terrorist organization.

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As we all know, Donald Trump has been threatening to wage nuclear war against North Korea, escalating the war rhetoric on a daily basis since Tuesday when he first threatened to rain down “fire and fury” upon Kim Jong-Un.

Well, NRA host and Trump supporter Grant Stinchfield is cheering on North Korea, and even urged them to nuke California instead of Guam.

Yeah, he really wrote that on his Twitter feed.

NRA shills are constantly claiming to be patriots who love America, but Stinchfield just begged an enemy nation to attack us in the worst way possible.

What Stinchifeld doesn’t seem to understand is that if North Korea nukes California, the radiation will cover other states as winds carry it eastward. Furthermore, it would force America to carry out retaliatory nuclear strikes which would likely result in other strikes against the United States.

Nuclear war is not something to joke about. And calling for any attack against an American city or state simply because you don’t like their political ideology is disgusting. Stinchfield should be fired immediately for his remark if the NRA wishes to continue claiming to love this country.

Twitter users were quick to slam Stinchfield for his outrageous tweet.

The bottom line is that Stinchfield is a traitor to this country who just called for nuclear terrorism against the United States. Not only should he be fired, he should be in prison.

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