Trump Suffers Another Humiliating Loss To Obama, Presidency In Shambles (IMAGE)

Despite his abysmal ratings and unprecedented amount of failures within the first six months of his presidency, Donald Trump still continues to brag about his ‘successes’ and insist that he’s winning.

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There’s one person who Trump can’t stand to lose to, and it’s former President Barack Obama – and to make it look like he’s doing his job and improving the country, Trump has tried to take credit for many of Obama’s actions and accomplishments.

Unfortunately for Trump, new data shows that when compared to each other side by side, Obama was beating Trump by a landslide around this time of year, particularly when job creation is concerned. While Trump is bragging about how many jobs he’s adding to the economy, he’s lagging behind Obama big time. Data shared by NBC News’s Mark Murray  revealed that although 222,000 jobs were added last month, Obama was able to add 77,000 around this time more last year.

The data Murray tweeted basically shuts down every compliment Trump has given himself as far as job creation. The table shows that job growth has been consistent for five years, with the economy projected to grow 1.8% over the following ten years. This projection is pretty bad news for Trump because he needs 3% growth to balance his disastrous budget, and he’s already falling behind Obama’s legacy.

Trump has been extremely insecure when it comes to his predecessor, and he trashes Obama every chance he gets – even though he thinks nothing of taking credit for Obama’s hard work. To learn that he’s trailing behind Obama with very little chances of recovery is a major slap in Trump’s orange face. Trump said he would create 25 million new jobs, but it’s already looking like yet another broken campaign promise. Trump will never live up to Obama, and the majority of America knew it from the start.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla and Mark Wilson / Getty Images

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