Trump Starts Talking Incoherently In Major Foreign Speech, Said To Be Drunk Or Mentally Ill

President Donald Trump was set to give a major foreign policy speech in South Korea, his first on the Asian continent, but instead got off track a little.

Speaking in front of South Korea’s National Assembly in Seoul on Wednesday, he veered off topic and started talking about his New Jersey golf club, and even said he was responsible for the stock market booming at an all-time high.

Hardly what you’d expect standing near the front lines of one of the world’s tensest regions, bordering on North Korea.

Many listening from the stands thought he was either drunk or mentally off his wagon.

The speech came after Trump’s advisers called off a visit to the North Korean border. They blamed the incident on “poor weather.” They claimed he couldn’t go to the site because of fog making it difficult to travel into the region.

Many in the know-how, however, said that weather like that wouldn’t prevent the world’s most powerful man, with the world’s best air force, from traveling to the area because of fog, though. It was thought to be an excuse made up by the White House on why Trump canceled.

Trump did talk about some of his foreign policy goals, but it was largely incoherent and he even had trouble pronouncing several words.

So, what do you think? Was Trump drunk on the South Korean peninsula? Sound off your thoughts.

You can watch the entire speech here:

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