Trump SNAPS, Runs Away From Reporters As They Demand Answers About Fallen Soldier (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s mishandling of the Niger ambush, as well as his disgraceful responses to it, have signified a new low in his presidency.

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Over the last several days, we have seen Trump lie and deny accounts that he made insensitive remarks to fallen soldier La David Johnson’s widow Myeshia – even though she has confirmed that Trump’s phone call made the loss of her husband even more painful.

Trump has said many horrible, disrespectful things all week when it came to the fallen soldiers lost in Niger, but today he was unusually silent as he fled reporters, once they started asking him about Sgt. Johnson. Reporters asked Trump:

Can you tell the public what happened in Niger?” and “Do you have a response to Myeshia Johnson, Mr. President?”

And Trump, like the true coward he is, turned his back on reporters (much like he has turned his back on Americans) and walked away to go hide in the White House.

This is truly repulsive behavior from a President of the United States. True leaders take responsibility for their actions and admit their failures and mistakes – especially when American lives were lost.

Our former presidents have never shut out Americans or the free press the way Trump has, and it makes us truly miss them. Regardless of your political views, we can all agree that none of our previous presidents would have made a grieving widow’s pain worse, only to avoid giving her a response. Trump owes America a big apology – but he especially owes one to Myeshia Johnson and her family for the pain he has put them through.

You can watch him run away like a coward below:

Featured image via Scott Olson / Getty Images

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