Trump Slams His Own Party, Secretly Trashes GOP Candidate Before Stumping For Him


Former reality show star Donald Trump flew out to Pennsylvania on Saturday to stump for Rick Saccone (R) in what’s expected to be a tight race, even though it’s in a district the so-called president won by 20 percentage points in 2016. But, it’s now 2018 and Trump’s name has already become toxic.

Trump didn’t bring Saccone out on the stage for an hour, and instead, used that time to wildly lash out at his critics, including every network except for Fox News. It was spectacular to watch really, with Trump making the night all about him while the man he’s stumping for was nowhere to be seen for over an hour. There’s a reason for that, apparently.

Trump has been privately trashing the Republican candidate, Axios reported Sunday.

Trump has been slamming Saccone as a terrible and “weak” candidate, according to four sources who spoke to the outlet. Before traveling to Pennsylvania, Trump made his opinion of Saccone known privately, but it’s not clear if his opinion changed after the rally.

Republicans know that Saccone is not a good candidate.

The thing that most irks senior Republicans involved in the race: Saccone has been a lousy fundraiser. Lamb has outraised Saccone by a staggering margin — nearly 500 percent.

The election is on Tuesday and it could go either way.

RealClearPolitics calls the election a “Toss Up” and since it’s in a district that Trump won by such a big margin, it should have been an easy win but that’s not the case.

Trump really didn’t know what to say to support Saccone at the rally. At one point, he said that Saccone was “handsome.” He is not handsome, by the way. But, apparently, that’s a reason to vote for him in the special election. Trump needs Saccone, a man he calls ‘weak,’ to win in order to prove to the public that his endorsements are worth something.

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