Trump Shares PATHETIC Twitter Poll As Proof He’s More Popular Than Obama, The Internet Laughs Out Loud


Donald Trump’s obsession with President Obama has reached a new level of desperation.

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The notoriously thin-skinned egomaniac finally found a poll he liked on Thursday morning. And, of course, it was a totally unscientific poll conducted on Twitter.

The Twitter poll asked whether Trump or Obama is better President of the United States. Trump came out ahead 61 percent to 39 percent.

But unlike real polls that are based on a representative sample of Americans, Twitter polls are easily manipulated as they can be swarmed by supporters of either subject and titled unfairly in one direction or the other.

In this case, Trump supporters swarmed the poll and tilted it in favor of their dear leader, who was quick to retweet it as proof that he is more popular than his predecessor.

The Internet immediately laughed in Trump’s face.

In reality, President Obama is far more popular than Donald Trump. Obama left office with a 59 percent approval rating while Trump’s approval rating is currently in the toilet at 36 percent. And Trump’s numbers just get worse every day.

Trump must be truly desperate if he is resorting to touting Twitter polls. It’s pathetic.

Featured Image: Zach Gibson and Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images

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