Trump Says New FBI Director Reports Directly To Him, Going Against Rule Of Law

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 26:  U.S. President Donald Trump walks into the Rose Garden to speak to the American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation and American Legion Boys Nation who visited the White House on July 26, 2017 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, the Senate confirmed with a 92-5 vote the nation’s next FBI Director Christopher Wray, filling in the role that has been vacant for nearly three months since President Trump fired James Comey.

But, when Trump was interviewed about what he thought about the new FBI Director’s job, eyebrows were immediately raised. Trump told the New York Times that the “FBI person really reports directly to the president of the United States, which is interesting.”

Trump then stated that he thinks Wray is going to be a “great new FBI director.”

That says it all, plainly. Trump wants to sidestep the rule of law in favor of “loyalty,” a common theme Trump has said is important for those who work in government. The truth is, the FBI Director actually reports to the Attorney General, not the president, even though Trump is the sole person who can fire him.

So, that raises questions, was Director Wray really appointed by Trump to serve in the best interests of the FBI and the country or to serve President Trump. We may never know about their backroom discussions, only what Trump says publicly.

Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearing that he respects “the rule of law” and that he would do his duty, no matter what that might fully entail.

“My commitment is to the rule of law, to the Constitution, to follow the facts wherever they may lead. And there isn’t a person on this planet whose lobbying or influence could convince to just drop or abandon a properly predicated and meritorious investigation.”

Only time will tell if Wray tries to drop the Russia investigation into Trump or not.

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