Trump Says He’s ‘Working’ And ‘Not On Vacation’ – Released Pics Show Him Golfing And Tweeting

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 13: President Donald Trump attends a meeting on healthcare in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on March 13, 2017 in Washington, DC. The House Republicans' bill known as the 'American Health Care Act', which is intended to replace the Affordable Care Act and is endorsed by President Trump, has faced criticism from both Republicans and Democrats. (Photo by Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images)

President Trump departed to his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ on Friday for an extended 17-day vacation. That’s not unusual – he does that a lot, however, not nearly for this amount of time.

He tweeted on Saturday, though, saying “this is not a vacation.” Instead, he said he would be busy with “meetings and calls.”


ABC News uncovered this video of Trump asking his guests: “Everyone having a good time?” He then walks off dressed in golf clothes to a nearby golf cart.

Then a photo dropped of him driving around on the golf cart. Now, it looks like Trump really isn’t busy in meetings, unless of course, that meeting is taking place while playing golf. Sounds an awful lot like a vacation.


Then even more photos were posted online showing him getting out of the golf cart while walking on the green.



Okay, so that last photo is kinda weird. But, that’s definitely Trump not working.

For the record, since Trump has been president he has taken more vacation and days off than President Obama has in his entire eight years. That’s a lot.

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