Trump Retweets Math FAIL From Official White House Account, Internet Cries Laughing

Monday evening, Donald Trump got swept up in another tweetpocalypse — the kind he goes off on whenever his handlers aren’t keeping his phone from him. But when Trump gets fired up, he doesn’t let anything minor like facts or logic get in the way. Among the tweets about Russia, Obama, and the Supreme Court was nestled a little gem of a retweet of the official White House Twitter account. And apparently it’s staffed by someone after Trump’s own heart, because it too is devoid of facts and logic:

I know you get it, but in case you want to laugh while sharing this article with your red state uncle, I’ll break down the hilarity:

Setting aside the fact that CBO estimates were based on the very reasonable assumption that every state would avail themselves of the federal Medicaid expansion, the math is… Well, it’s just wrong. There is literally no way for them to have meant this that works out in any logical way. You can actually use “100%” as a stand-in for “all,” “completely,” “totally,” and a host of other terms that mean 100 percent. When something is off by “all,” that means it came zero percent true. Whether the White House meant 23 million or 10.3 million as their starting number, “off by 100%” would mean no people were insured under the rules of the Affordable Care Act. Zero.

Even if they thought they were doing math correctly and what they meant was that 10.3 million people are covered, but if the number were 100 percent higher it would have been a correct estimate, they’re still wrong — 100% of 10.3 is 10.3, so it would add up to 20.6 million people.

The rest of Twitter thought the tweet was as funny as I did.

Some thought perhaps the remedial math error indicated who might be behind the tweet:

Maybe this guy has the right idea:

Regardless of what the idiot behind this tweet meant, it’s bound to be deleted eventually, so I grabbed a screenshot just for you guys:

Featured image via Astrid Riecken/Getty Images

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