Trump Reportedly Wants To Set Up Hacking Task Force With Moscow – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin is evidently running long, but Russia’s foreign minister and one of Putin’s top people, Sergey Lavrov, has apparently said that Trump wants to work with them on cybersecurity despite his ongoing insistence that Russia didn’t hack a damn thing.

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Here’s the thing: He doesn’t want to just work with Russia. He reportedly wants to set up a joint task force with Moscow to work on cybersecurity. Lucian Kim, NPR’s Moscow correspondent, tweeted the following:

Because obviously. What could possibly go wrong here?

Why doesn’t Trump just put billboards up all over that say, “MAGA means handing this country over to Russia entirely!” or something to that effect? Because that’s essentially what he’s doing. We know Russia wasn’t just interested in our election – they were also interested in France’s recent election, except France was able to largely deflect their efforts to steal it for Marine le Pen.

Here, though, we’re in the midst of several investigations into just how deep Russia’s fingers were in our election, and not just at the federal level. At least one state’s voter roll was successfully altered, although we don’t yet know if that was the work of Russia. A hacker group believed to be associated with Russia also hacked into the voter databases of other states.

Setting up this kind of a task force with a hostile power responsible for deep meddling in our elections might make sense if we could trust Trump to know what he was doing and how to do it, and also if we could actually trust that he hasn’t been selling us out to Russia the whole time. In this situation, though, all this does is make it easier to sell us to Russia.

Make America Great Again, everyone.

Featured image via Steffen Kugler /BPA via Getty Images

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