Trump Releases Ridiculous Campaign Ad To Boost His Ego After Deadly Charlottesville Riots

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do. In the midst of a nuclear threat hanging above our heads and supporting white supremacists by not naming and shaming them after the attacks on Saturday, Donald Trump  comes up with a trashy fake propaganda.

Trump’s campaign team released a new ad on Sunday touting Trump’s achievements in the face increased opposition from “the president’s enemies.”

It highlights on a shrinking unemployment rate, stock market highs, and a strengthened military.

Watch the ad, below:

Instead of taking credit for the work Obama laid down the foundation for, Trump should be condemning the White nationalists who spew bigotry and racism.

Nothing has been accomplished by Trump in more than 6 months; he does not have an iota of a clue of what he is doing and is constantly undermining the few people in the West Wing, who have a better understanding than he does.
Most of the time he;s not even working, he’s  playing golf and flying all over the place and staying in his own hotels, for which he charges the U.S.Government ie. us taxpayers.




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