Trump Releases Propaganda Video That Looks Like It Was Made By 8-Year-Old On An iPhone (VIDEO)

It’s not really clear what Donald Trump is trying to do with all of his weird “Make America Great Again” propaganda videos, but one thing is for certain, he may have an eight-year-old making them on an iPhone.

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The videos, in and of themselves, are very bizarre. They try and show Trump has some sort of heroic American figure who is the leader this country has been waiting for since its inception. However, they really are there only to serve his ego and anyone remaining who may still think he’s not a conman.

This latest video features mostly photos and some video of Trump at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. However, the video was set to the tune of that other weirdo video from the 4th of July where he tried to make the holiday about himself.

What you’re about to see is a bunch of photos pieced together with video software that likely comes standard on any computer or smartphone set to “Make America Great Again.”

The saddest and most ironic part of all of this is the fact that Trump proved, once again, that under his leadership, the United States is no longer a world leader. So, in his effort to “Make America Great Again” he’s leading us on a downward path that we’ll hopefully be able to correct once he’s out of office.

Here’s the bizarre video:

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