Trump Reacts To CNN Firings, It Is Just As Crazy As You’d Expect (TWEETS)

Recently, CNN was forced to retract a story about someone who was joining Trump’s investigation who had ties to Russia. That story was found out to be inaccurate, and those three journalists immediately resigned. This swift handling of the situation proved that CNN takes its reporting seriously, but that wasn’t enough for Donald Trump.

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Trump was up early this morning to weigh in on the situation, and his response to the recent CNN firings proves that he is seriously mentally unstable. Trump’s entire premise was that even though those three employees no longer worked for CNN, “What about all the other phony stories they do? FAKE NEWS!”

It should be noted that the story actually had very little to do with Trump himself – it focused on Trump surrogate Anthony Scaramucci – but Trump couldn’t help but victimize himself to try and prove his false innocence.

Over two hours after his original unhinged tweet, Trump still couldn’t let it go. He continued to blast CNN and claimed that many other mainstream media networks should be punished for their ‘phony’ Russian stories and ‘fake news’ as well.

Trump is nervous as hell about his Russia investigation, and it’s certainly showing. He’s trying to paint every Russia story as “fake” even though his investigation for obstruction of justice is a verified fact. The investigation for his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia is also a fact. These networks haven’t done anything but report the truth, and CNN promptly fixed a story that was not properly sourced or fact checked.

CNN’s response was immediate and harsh, especially compared to Trump’s favorite media network, Fox News. Fox News not only allows fake news to flow out of its newsrooms on a regular basis, but its journalists are not reprimanded in any way once they’ve been caught for bogus reporting. The network has also let years and years of sexual harassment cases go unrecognized, its offenders unpunished. It seems that harsh standards should only apply when Trump feels threatened.

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