Trump Questions Whether N. Korea Has ‘Nothing Better To Do,’ America’s Collective Head Explodes

It was already Tuesday in North Korea when their military launched a missile toward Japan, which fell harmlessly into the ocean (as North Korean missiles normally do). But it was still Monday back here in the U.S. when Donald Trump launched a pair of tweets that probably marked peak American irony:

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“Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?”

Nothing better to do than, say, trying to conduct world affairs via Twitter? Nothing better than to call on three world powers to adjust their diplomatic and possibly military missions in the far east, using 140 characters or less? Maybe everyone would be better served by golfing for a quarter of the time they should be leading their countries.

Watching Trump rhetorically ask whether Kim Jong-Un, previously the undisputed holder of the title of craziest world leader, had anything better to do proved to be too much for Twitter:

And perhaps the best reply of all:

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Donald Trump is clever enough to be doing this ironically, or if he is just so monumentally stupid that he has no idea what a clown he is. Either way, somebody needs to confiscate his phone before he starts launching missiles of his own.

Featured image via Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

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