Trump Puffs Himself Up In Error-Filled Tweet, And Obama White House Comm Chief’s Response Is GOLD


In what is probably an effort to make himself look good again among the growing chaos that is his White House, Trump put out a totally error-ridden tweet about how great jobs, the stock market, wages and more were doing under his rule. Specifically, he said that there was “no WH chaos.” Take a look:

So…no White House chaos includes firing the chief of staff, firing members of the National Security Council, and getting rid of a communications director who’s been in place for about 10 days. Okay then.

Besides that, the stock market was at an all-time high the day he took office – something for which he can hardly claim credit. The unemployment rate was falling under President Obama at that time, too. So Dan Pfeiffer, who served as communications director under Obama, responded to Trump’s tweet with something that is absolutely the purest of gold:

And there it is. This White House has done nothing at all, and Trump and his lackeys and sycophants all blame everyone but themselves for their inability to accomplish anything on his agenda. Meanwhile, the White House increasingly looks like a season of The Apprentice with all the staff shakeups and Trump’s frustration that nobody can get their job done.

At least we have this piece of precious metal with which to entertain ourselves for a moment.

Featured image via Zach Gibson and Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images

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